Kaden offers a range of controllers to suit your requirement.

Network Controller

Network Controller

The Kaden Networker controller provides maximum flexibility in the operation of your 5 Star universal Kaden gas ducted heater. In full automatic mode, the Kaden Networker detects the surrounding environment and adjusts the heating power as required achieving ultimate comfort at the lowest running cost. 

Programmable Controller

Programmable Controller

The Kaden Programmable controller comes standard with the Kaden 4 Star Universal and External gas ducted heaters. The Kaden Programmable controller can operate in auto or manual modes. For auto mode, simply pre-set your desired temperature and times for the heating system to turn on and off.

Manual Controller

Manual Controller

The Kaden Digital Manual controller comes standard with the Kaden 3 Star External and Universal ducted heaters. Simple to use, the manual controller has an easy to read digital display.

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You can find Kaden at Reece HVAC, Metalflex and Actrol...

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